No more $cashtag URL payments for Square’s CashApp

Cash App is a mobile payment service developed by Square, Inc., allowing users to transfer money to each other using a mobile phone app.

A bummer for independent business-types, the service has lost its (in my opinion) best feature.

The Carrot

CashApp recently added a new feature to their service, allowing users to buy/sell BitCoin currency from within the app. It’s a neat feature, to be sure, but it’s pretty narrow in scope and doesn’t offer anything that can’t be gotten elsewhere. But, it’s right there in the app, and it’s handy enough.

This feature addition caused a huge spike in publicity for CashApp, which likely also resulted in more user activity and profit for Square, Inc. For the casual BitCoin user, or someone looking to try it out, it’s a pretty good add-on.

The Stick

While the BitCoin addition was shouted from the digital rooftops, CashApp quietly removed their best feature. There used to be an option to receive payments by sending people to a unique web address, where they could enter their payment information into a super-easy interface. You picked a “cashtag”, and then the URL was simply,$cashtag. It was a lovely feature, but they’ve removed it.

Now, if you want to receive a payment from anybody, the sender also needs to install CashApp and set up the service. I’m sure they have good reasons (it seems likely it could’ve been abused in some way), but it doesn’t lessen the loss any. Now CashApp is just another Venmo, but with BitCoin.

Why do I care?

The CashApp web payment feature was what I utilized to receive card payments for everything – personal and business-ish. So, at the moment, I don’t have an easy card payment option for wedding officiating. However, I do have a proper Square business account, and I’ll get that set up very soon. For now, I am only accepting cash – unless the customer also happens to have Venmo or CashApp already set up.

Le sigh.

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